3 Great Reasons to Go With Teak Garden Furniture

Once you’ve decided it’s time to upgrade your outdoor living space with some new garden furniture, you’ll have to choose what material you’d like your chairs, tables, lounges, etc. to be made from. You have many choices including plastic, steel, wrought iron, rattan, and wood.

Walk into any UK outdoor furniture store and you’re sure to see some beautiful wooden pieces of garden furniture that feature a warm, golden colour. The chances are good that those pieces of furniture are made of teak wood. For decades, teak garden furniture has been very popular due to the many benefits it offers. Here are three very good reasons to go with teak outdoor furniture.

It Offers Timeless Beauty

Featuring a rich golden colour, teak wood is warm, inviting, and drop-dead gorgeous. The beauty of this wood is why so many people choose teak as their material of choice when buying outdoor furniture in the UK. As teak wood ages and is left outdoors, it gradually turns to a silvery greyish colour.

You’ll never be tempted to paint over the natural golden honey colour of teak furniture. It’s one of the most beautiful woods on earth, and only gets better looking with time.

It’s Drop-Dead Easy to Care For

If you’ve ever owned outdoor garden furniture that requires a lot of upkeep, you’ll appreciate knowing that teak garden furniture is super easy to maintain. Teak is a very low-maintenance wood. When it’s time to clean your teak furniture to remove surface stains, dirt, grime, and moss, all you need to do is brush it using soapy water. If you’d like to maintain the golden colour of your teak furniture, you can apply a teak oil or sealant once a year if you wish.

No Cracking, Splitting, or Warping

Teak wood has a high rubber and oil content, making it strong and durable. No matter how long you have outdoor teak furniture, it will never crack, split or warp as other wood furniture does. Teak wood stands up very well to sun, humidity, and changing temperatures, so you never have to worry about weather damage.

Considering that teak garden furniture stands up well to all types of weather, it is long-lasting furniture worth investing in. You can expect your teak wood furniture to last for decades, without having to do much of anything at all, except for washing and treating it now and then.

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