Ice Climbing

If you’re not afraid of the cold and are looking for some adventure this winter, ice climbing in the Scottish Highlands might be just right for you. And yes, you can go ice climbing even if you have no prior experience. But it is also important to mention that ice climbing is an extreme form of mountaineering which requires a very specialised knowledge, skills and equipment. But if you have some experience with rock climbing and mountaineering, you can learn the basics of ice climbing within a day or two.

During the winter, the Scottish mountains turn into one of the most stunning places on the planet. The winter, however, also turns the Scottish Highlands into a very unfriendly place. Rapid weather changes and hostile terrain pose a major challenge even for the most experienced winter mountaineers and ice climbers. But with some prior planning and preparation, you can experience the beauty of both ice climbing and the winter in the Scottish Highlands safely. To make ice climbing in the Scottish mountains an unforgettable experience, in a positive sense of course, you will need: